Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May Musings

In spite of being a "retired" person, I am finding I don't have a s much time as I want to play in the mud.  Once seeding time on the farm is finished I should have more opportunity to make mud magic!  I managed one glaze load, but some new glazes didn't turn out well, so I will be doing a "re-fire"

As there was not enough room in the kiln for all the bisque, this works out fine. I will fire some bowls and re-fire some items from the first load.  Here's hoping........

The Parkland Artisan Tour is fast approaching!  It is the 1st weekend in June this year.  I was hoping to have a barrel firing done for that, but it may not happen.

For the birds

Wren House

Friday, May 4, 2012

Retired and ready to fire!

I fired a bisque load yesterday. This kiln load has deep salad bowls, bird houses, owls and many test tiles for some new glaze combos. The Parkland Artisan Tour is the first weekend in June this year and I am participating once again. The big change for me this year is that I Am Retired!!! I hope to have much more time to pursue this hobby and hopefully take it up a notch! I hope to try some new ideas, do more barrel firings, and spend time with other potters exploring new things.